Business Law

Darling Law represents businesses at all stages, from start-ups to large corporations. We act as specialists to address specific legal issues and also as generalists to assist with decision making. Our experience includes the following types of work:

General business and contracts:

Business and contract issues such as asset purchase and sale agreements, consulting agreements, agreements for services, NDAs and confidentiality agreements

Business entities:

Formation, maintenance (such as board and shareholder communications and meetings) and dissolution of entities such as LLCs, corporations, and LLPs. Advice and documentation for board meetings and communications.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Corporate mergers and acquisitions, including sales of entities in industries such as housing, ski area development, and manufacturing.


Assistance for borrowers in obtaining a variety of types of commercial credit facilities for debt as well as equipment leasing. Experience with private equity financings and investments.

Commercial Real Estate

Darling Law offers extensive experience with respect to all aspects of commercial real estate law. Our clients vary in size from large national banks and insurance companies to small owners and individual investors in real estate properties. Our experience includes:


Representing landlords and tenants with respect to leases for office, industrial, shopping center, data center, and other types of retail and commercial properties for a wide variety of uses.

Purchases and Sales:

Purchases and sales of a wide variety of commercial real estate properties, including vacant land, office, industrial, retail, multi-tenant residential, and ski areas.


Development of projects of different sizes and scope including residential, commercial, multi-use, shopping center, ski area, and golf course.


Construction loans and real estate loans of various sizes and for different types of lenders and borrowers, with a wide variety of terms and types of documentation.


Creation of LLCs and other investment and ownership vehicles for real estate.

Other Real Property:

Easements, licenses, conservation easements, assignments, subleases, title and survey issues.


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